Tips from CHKD to help keep your child in good health this Summer!

Wellness tips and reminders

By Dr. Kimberly Schindler, CHKD Medical Group June 7, 2023

Before summer break officially starts, take note of these wellness tips and reminders to help keep your child in good health.

Retrieve Medications from School

If your child has any medications kept at school, remember to pick them up before the school year ends. This simple trip will help ensure your child’s medication doesn’t need an emergency refill. Remember, schools require parents and guardians to pick up student medications in person. School authorities will not send medications home with a student.

Schedule Your Child’s Wellness Visit

Does your child need any immunizations before the next school year starts? What about a sports physical? Summer is the perfect time to visit your pediatrician for your child’s well visit. Don’t wait until the end of summer to schedule an appointment because these types of visits fill up quickly. This is especially important for families who have children and teens heading back to school or off to college in August. Remember, students enrolled in public and private schools are required to be adequately immunized.

Help Your Child Learn to Swim

Follow water safety guidelines and be sure your child learns to swim. During the pandemic, many local pools and organizations canceled swim lessons while families may have also put off teaching this important skill. Now that pools have reopened and the weather is warming up, learning to swim is a top priority for many families. Research shows that formal swim lessons for kids age 1 and older reduces the risk of drowning, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.