Piano By Heather

Williamsburg, VA
Phone: 757.250.3689

"I love playing the piano and teaching children and adults to begin a music journey that travels with them throughout their lives. I have been a stay at home mom for 12 years and enjoy teaching kids and adults to play the piano.  

Anyone can learn to play the piano...male, female, adult or child.

Heather is currently accepting new students. Beginners Welcome - only 15 spaces are still available - day or evening! $15 per 1/2 hour lesson or $60 per month. Macaroni Kid readers can get 10% off when they mention us. 

Lessons are taught primarily out of Alfred Series: Lesson, Technic, Theory and Solo and "Adult All in one". While I use this series, I incorporate all of the following: John Thompson, Helen Marlais "In Recital throughout the year", Succeeding with the Masters - the Baroque Era and Classical Era", and many other composers. I enjoy playing with students on a regular basis as well as in recitals for accuracy on every piece. I have taught for over 5 years and have attended numerous workshops by great composers.