Miche Bags, Mary Griffith

Williamsburg, VA
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Miche Bags are a wonderful invention by a woman who spilled something on her favorite purse and thought, if this were just a cover, then I could change it and still have my favorite purse. Miche bags come in four purse sizes and each size has interchangeable covers to match your outfit or personality for the day. There are also handle options, accessories, and organizing tools available.

If you are a "saver", then I would love to do a Miche Bag party for you so that you can earn a purse! Just get a few friends together, and you have a party!

If you are looking for something fun to do and earn a money to party, then I would love to talk with you about the amazing business opportunity to sell Miche Bags. As the number 1 representative for the Tidewater area for the past two years, you would be joining a winning team!


I offer fundraisers for groups too!