Scentsy Wickless Candles by Arla Shindelar

Williamsburg, VA
Phone: 757.497.1051Website: Visit Website

The Scentsy warmers use a night light to melt the wax so there is no flame and they are safe for everyone! This is a WONDERFUL product! Scentsy has a New product line called Layers... fragrance for you in the shower, body spray, washer wiffs, lotions!!

I love Scentsy because it is a great way to freshen up your home easily, and not have soot in the air or on your furniture. There is no flame so it is safe to leave on day and night! I use my Warmer on a timer to turn on before I get home from work... my home smells yummy when I walk through the door! A Scentsy warmer makes a wonderful gift. There are so many styles and fragrances to choose from and it appeals to everyone!

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