Cake Pops by Tiffany

Yorktown, VA
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I saw a few videos on YouTube on how to make them, and thought it would be something different. It certainly took some time to learn the techniques…but once I was semi-sufficient at making the basic pops, I really wanted to try something more challenging. So I started making different shapes, animals, trains, etc. I am certainly not an artist, but this really lets me explore my creative side. All my pops are made by mixing cake and icing and hand rolling each ball or shape. I posted my pops on my Facebook page and so many of my friends said I should start selling them. I thought, “who else would buy these?” Well, it turns out, many people love cake pops as much as I do! So I started a little business and have been fairly busy filling orders ever since. I have done pops for birthdays, baby showers, holiday parties, party favors, work parties, and I have a wedding booked for this summer. Cake pops can be used for any occasion and everyone can enjoy them!

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