Virginia Living Museum Homeschool Opportunities

524 J. Clyde Morris Blvd.Newport News, VA 23601
Phone: (757) 595-1900Email: reservations@thevlm.orgWebsite: Visit Website

The Virginia Living Museum offers homeschool programs for all ages (Pre-K through 12). 

Self-Guided Visit: $10.00 per student; $18 per adult, Members and ages 2 and under are free

  • The exhibits in the Virginia Living Museum were designed to correlate with and reinforce Virginia’s Standards of Learning for Science. While taking a tour of the geographic regions of Virginia, families can observe:
    • Live animals and plants in their natural habitats
    • Plant and animal life cycles, food chains and food webs
    • Animal survival adaptations for finding food and shelter, rearing young, avoiding predators, defensive measures
    • Animal migration, camouflage and hibernation
    • Endangered and threatened species
    • Vertebrates and invertebrates
    • The importance of conserving Virginia’s animal, plant and mineral resources
    • Pond, forest, stream, Chesapeake Bay, cypress swamp, mountain cove, cave and more habitats
    • Virginia’s prehistoric past: rocks, minerals, fossils

45-minute programs: The Virginia Living Museum offers homeschool programs for all ages (Pre-K through 12) with 45-minute programs.  Read the options below and click the Homeschool Day Ticket button to register for each program. Click link for more information on monthly programs.

Discovery Boxes: The Museum offers homeschool families special discount pricing for its “Museum in a Trunk” Discovery Boxes. Choose from nine exciting topics.  Each topic is developed thematically and contains natural history specimens and artifacts from the Museum’s collections for hands-on use by students, as well as activities, audiovisual materials, student and parent resource information and much more. Save more money by sharing Discovery Boxes with other homeschool families.