VR64 / New World VR Corp

5601 Richmond Road#5Williamsburg, VA 23188
Phone: 757-707-3200
Business Hours: 9am-6pmEmail: contact@VR64.netWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

VR64 is not just any arcade! We have lots of fun while learning at our camps. This 5-hour camp runs from 9am to 2pm on Mondays and Fridays from mid-June to mid-August. Each week we enhance learning with a themed activity geared toward middle schoolers. This year we are offering the following educational opportunities at our camps: Electronics: Campers will build an electronic organ with an amplifier to make some music. Programming: Campers will do some basic programming using Scratch, make a web page using HTML, or edit a virtual island using Unity. CSI Investigation: Campers will complete a 30-minute virtual reality CSI training session where they determine the events that led to a double homicide and use evidence to find the killer. Hands on activities include fingerprint detection and DNA testing. Health and Safety: Campers learn what to do if someone passes out, gets bit, breaks/sprains, or bleeds. We offer an optional virtual CPR training session. Aerospace: Campers will learn to fly a plane using our professional flight simulator and fly drones. We also offer to help kids get their recreational drone operator’s certificate. Fun with Radio: Campers learn about their phones, social media, and the science of electromagnetic waves using several props and then campers go on a mission to find the hidden transmitter. Every camp includes time for VR and gaming and includes pizza, drinks, and snacks! A certificate of completion and $5 coupon is given to students completing educational programs. This is a small group camp environment with limited capacity. We can accommodate campers with disabilities and dietary restrictions. Please feel free to contact one of our locations with questions. We strive to bring rewarding opportunities to your campers with healthy, self-esteem building, fun! The cost is $50 for one camper and 20% off for multiple campers from a single family. Visit to reserve your camp days this summer.