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Summer Camps 2024 

Children must be four years old (for Pre-K) or have just completed the grade you are registering for. 

Week-long camps are offered for ages 4 and grade 5. 


Pre-K Half Day Camp – $135 member; $150 non-members 

K – Grade 5 Full Day Camp – $260 member; $290 non-members 

Eco Explorer (Grade 3-5) · Full Day Camp – $315 member; $350 non-members 

Reservations To sign up online, please click on the dates you would like to register for, then fill out the secure online form. 

Reservations may also be made in person, or by phone, using American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa. Details Class size limited. 

Minimum enrollment is established for each class and must be met at least 5 days prior to the first class meeting. 

You may cancel up to two weeks before the class unless otherwise stated, and receive a refund less a $10 handling fee. After that time, no refunds can be made.

 If the Virginia Living Museum cancels the program, a full refund will be issued. 

Half Day Camps | Pre-K ages 4-5 

It’s Tough to Be a Bug 

Discover a day in a life of creepy, crawly bugs! We'll think big while talking about something small. 

Time: 9am-12pm Dates: June 17-21 | June 24-28 | July 8-12 

Jr. Paleontologist 

Grab a shovel, magnifying glass and prepare for a week of dino-mite adventures! We'll spend the week digging, stomping, and roaring with our dinosaur friends. 

Time: 9am-12pm Dates: July 15-19 | July 22-26 | July 29-August 2 

Animal Superheroes 

 Find your inner animal superhero and test your powers through a series of challenges to help save the day! Spend a week overcoming obstacles, developing your superpowers, and interacting with our superhero animal in this wham-pow packed camp! 

Time: 9am-12pm Dates: August 5-9 | August 12-16 | August 19-23 

Full Day Camps | Grades K-2 

Pirates and Mermaids

 Ahoy ye pirates and mermaids. Embark on a swashbuckling adventure where the briny depths meet the vast expanses of the open sea. 

Time: 9am-3pm Dates: June 17-21 | June 24-28 | July 8-12 

Experiments and Explosions 

We're taking science to the max. Join us for hands-on, over the top, science. Don’t try this at home! 

Time: 9am-3pm Dates: July 15-19 | July 22-26 | July 29-August 2 

Magic and Mystery 

Join us for an enchanting week at the Virginia Living Museum as we create potions, meet magical creatures, and learn about herbology!

Time: 9am-3pm Dates: August 5-9 | August 12-16 | August 19-23 

Full Day Camps | Grades 3-5 

Myths and Legends 

Uncover the mystery behind the myths and legends told across the world. From the skies to the ocean there are stories to be told, creatures to discover, and lessons to be learned along the way. 

Time: 9am-3pm Dates: June 17-21 | July 8-12 

A Fine Mess 

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! Nature is full of mess and we are going to explore owl pellets to chemical reactions, you never know where the mess is going to come from. 

Time: 9am-3pm Dates: July 15-19 | July 29-August 2 

Sea, Sky, and Soil

Explore a magical world where the sea, sky, and soil come together in a wondrous dance of colors and textures. It’s a world full of wonders waiting for you to discover! 

Time: 9am-3pm Dates: August 5-9 | August 19-23 

Eco Explorers 

We’ll travel around Tidewater Virginia to explore and visit forests, marshes, Chesapeake Bay. Each day we’ll be in the field taking measurements, observations, and enjoying nature. Make sure to pack your sense of adventure each day! 

Time: 9am-3pm Dates: June 24-28 | July 22-26 | August 12-16